Client: Blue Foundry Bank

My role: Creative Art Director

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The Challenge: 

How can we help the brand get new millennials, community families and more investors engage with the transformed Blue Foundry Bank by raising its brand awareness and reputation?​

My Observation:

What makes a bank stand out? Trust and understanding! Research showed that 92% of millennials don't trust banks and 68% of millennials feel their banks do not understand and thus fail to acknowledge their needs.

The Solution:

Let's inspire trust in BFB by highlighting their understanding, transparency, and real connection with the community, and showcasing the success of locals with BFB’s support.

Manifesto Video "Trust":

We are proud of the trust that we have earned over many generations because of our understanding and transparency with customers and it's this trust that helps us to give back to the community we love. 

Prints "Trust":

Use metaphor to inspire trust - built from “understanding,” “transparency,” and “real connection.”

Community Experience:

Show the success stories of previous customers in local mediums: newspaper, local tv stations, local radio stations, podcasts, community boards.

Blue Foundry Buzz Podcast

Community Boards