I Love "Broke-lyn"

Client: I♡NY

My role: Creative Art Director

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The Challenge:

How can we get more people aware that there are actually so many places and activities to be discovered in New York beyond Manhattan?

My Observation: 

New York can be an expensive place to visit if you spend all of your time in Manhattan. However, there are so many much more affordable places in NY, especially Brooklyn, that won’t be found in a generic online vacation itinerary. 

The Solution: 

Let's showcase Brooklyn and its free or affordable attractions that few people know about through this 360 campaign "Broke-lyn".


Partner with Refinery 29 to launch an IGTV reality show “Broke Tourist” by providing $100 to selected volunteers and recording how they spend this money on traveling Brooklyn in 7 days, aimed to make tourists aware that NY is actually an affordable place to visit.

Bluetooth Beacon Experiential "BROKE-LYN":

Strategically place beacons around popular tourist spots in Manhattan such as Broadway.

Send notifications via Beacon low-energy Bluetooth technology to mobile devices that encourage tourists to explore all the creative offerings of Brooklyn by poking fun at how pricey some of the generic tourist spots can get.

IG Campaign " I♡BKART ":

Street performance is a must-see free entertainment in NYC.

We launch an official "iloveny" run Instagram page "i love broke-lyn art" for Brooklyn street performers and artists to serve as a central location to help tourists and locals find fun and free events in real time. By following local artists and re-posting their alerts to reach a wider scope of people, it will generate not only a larger audience, but more interest to visit Brooklyn in general.