"Just Distilled"

Client: Seedlip

My role: Creative Art Director

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The Challenge:

How to help the world's first distilled non-alcoholic spirit find a good way to tell its story in the US market?

My Observation: 

When people remove the expectations of alcohol, they are thrilled by the taste of Seedlip, while the elements behind Seedlip especially its mysterious distillation process might get people more excited.

The Solution: 

Let us spark people's interest in the brand by encouraging them to explore the story behind Seedlip on their own, by weaving a funny rumor that caters to their imaginations.

Phase 1 - Starting the Rumor

A subtle suspicious video about Ben and Seedlip:

Something in the background will be suspicious, like a floating bottle of Seedlip. 

Weird stickers and flyers pointed to a conspiracy website: 

More seeds of this rumor are planted in the stickers and flyers that all lead back to a small conspiracy website. We use the site to develop assumptions about the magical origins behind Seedlip and its founder Ben.

Phase 2 - Amplifying the Rumor

Social Posts with hidden symbols: 

Seedlip’s seemingly normal social posts. Upon closer inspection, however, you would notice strange symbols embedded in the pictures.

Tabloid Newspapers: 

When the rumor has finally started to take hold, we’ll release fake tabloid newspapers in the target communities. The headlines will question Ben’s mortality, witchcraft, and anything else that’s outrageous.

Phase 3 - Final Revelation 

Bartender toolkits:

Who do you turn to for answers about drinks? Naturally, bartenders. We’ll arm them with Seedlip mixology kits, coasters that reveal secret messages when wet, and a guide for how to properly address the Seedlip rumors. 

Ben's Interview: 

When people become interested enough in the rumor, we'll get Ben on popular interview shows like Jimmy Fallon, to publicly deny the rumor.

Manifesto Video: 

At the same time, we'll publish a manifesto video on every digital platform. It’s time to reveal our truth: "Not Magic, Just Distilled".

OOH Billboards:


We’ll poke fun at the rumor by using water activated ink that will change the message to mysterious magical symbols when it rains.

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Rainy day