"Ready for Any Adventure"

Client: FIAT

My role: Creative Art Director

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The Challenge:

How to get the young generations to consider a FIAT 500X when choosing a car?

My Observation:

In media, families are always depicted in a minivan. But, a crossover can more than serve their needs when it comes to space and flexibility, while also being stylish. Parents no longer need to be embarrassed.

The Solution:

Let's get young parents to consider a FIAT 500X by showcasing that the Fiat 500x is a functional and stylish car, full of possibilities.

OOH Prints:

Print ads illustrate three fancy adventures that exist in kids’ imaginations, in a funny and creative tonality. 

Interactive Game "Choose Your Own Adventure ":

Digital interactive game “Choose Your Own Adventure” features the Fiat 500x, thrilling adventure stories will keep your kids quiet… for a while.