"Builders for Tomorrow"

Client: LEGO

My role: Creative Art Director

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The Challenge:

Lego has inspired creativity and inventiveness in ALL kids from ALL socioeconomic backgrounds. But is there an opportunity to bridge go beyond inspiration and provide them with real building blocks to rebuild their futures?

My Observation:

While the majority of teenagers want to attend college, not everyone has equal access to the resources needed to make that dream come true. Families in underserved communities can’t afford SAT tutors and STEM programs, which can hinder application opportunities to prestigious schools.

The Solution:

Launch a university partnership program that allows teenagers skip the normal college application process, and instead, apply by submitting an invention they create using a premade STEM toolkit. 

OOH Billboard:

We will kick off the campaign with an OOH, announcing the initiative. MIT is the first university we'll gonna to partner with. Building blocks. SAT scores and letters of recommendation are not required, just your passion for STEM and LEGO.

CTA Landing Page:

After following the link to the launch site, students will be prompted to order their very own kits. The website will also have links to resources and inspirational videos to help them in this endeavor.

Instagram Campaign: 

By creating a channel for collaboration and inspiration, we can encourage teens to request their toolkit and apply.